Monday, September 19, 2011

"California Dreaming"

Terje Nordberg, born in Norway, is now living the good life in Northern California; he is an artist showing his work here in the gallery — and he has started capturing what makes California California in a comic strip called "California Dreaming."

Terje Nordberg began his career as a comic book artist, but soon switched from drawing to writing. His popular children's books have been published in a number of countries. He has also created several graphic novels, most notably one used to promote the Norway Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

"California Dreaming" will gently poke fun at California and Californians, expose our sheer nuttiness, and allow us to laugh at ourselves in a weekly comic strip.

He is published in our local paper Campbell Express — look for it in the local coffee shops — or subscribe! Call or come in for information.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"San Francisco Giant"

Terry, a recent resident of San Jose creates artwork intended to capture and celebrate the beauty, the splendor, and the sheer nuttiness of his adopted state, and this is his latest!

"San Francisco Giant" is an oil painting of a cow holding a bat and chewing straw, dressed in a Giants uniform with the Golden Gate Bridge visible in the background.

This is an original oil on canvas, 30" x 40" and is priced at $2,100. Limited editions are available at $375 and $675.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Alice's Restaurant" by Terje Nordberg

Just off of the easel (and the creative mind of Terje Nordberg) is "Alice's Restaurant."

This piece continues Terje's mission to capture the beauty, splendor and the sheer nuttiness of California and California Living, and with that being the goal — I feel that Terje hit the bullseye with this piece!

In this painting we see two Happy California Cows arriving at the restaurant, about to park their hot pink Vespa next to a Harley, to pop into Alice's for Brunch.

"Alice's Restaurant" is an original oil on canvas, 30" by 40", please inquire on price and availability.

The Gallery's number is 408.374-5200