Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Gallery Was Featured in the Newspaper!

The Campbell Reporter has an article about Stone Griffin Galley in the January 20th edition.

As we feature local landmarks -- the newspaper thought the fact that we have the URL and feature artwork of Campbell's water tower worth some ink! We agree!

Campbell Reporter's Article on Campbell Water Tower Website and Stone Griffin Gallery

The photographer came to the gallery last Wednesday with the assignment to get one horizontal photograph for the article. He shot about 75 pictures — and, of course — one was selected for the story.

I was interviewed over the telephone, and was also wanted information one one of the gallery's artists. John Cloud lives in Campbell and paints the water tower, so he was interviewed and included in the story — which you can read here.

Being that the web site was just put up this month, traffic was zero of course. Once I put up the site, mentioned it on this blog, on newsletters and such the traffic to the website is going up. Traffic Graph

This chart above is a graph of traffic to The traffic increases from zero (it's inception) and rises. The big spikes are probably when the article ran in the Campbell Reporter and ran again in the San Jose Mercury News.

Kind of fun to do the website and the marketing and watch the results!

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