Thursday, January 26, 2012

Local Landmark Photography

I have been getting back into photography recently. I snapped pictures as a kid, in high school I took photography, black and white shooting and developing, then some years later took some classes at the Sunnyvale Community Center.

With the gallery I have dusted off the camera and have been trying to get some photographs of our local landmarks. You must be aware of the Campbell Water Tower as photographs of it are all over this blog, the gallery webpage, and even it's own page,! I thought to put up some of the other outtakes of other local landmarks.

Campbell Water Company
This shot above is the Campbell Water Company building. It is located just south of the Campbell Water Tower, and it (and the water tower) is part of a park in downtown Campbell. I like this shot but feel it lacks in the 'really pops' department.
California Foothills near Patterson 
I rode a motorcycle up over Mt. Hamilton and east towards the central valley and Patterson. I came across these lonely hills and took a few pictures. I really like this shot, so here it is! I think it captures the golden California hills nicely. A few oak trees or something in it would be nice — but it was quite an empty landscape.

Leo and Leona, the Los Gatos Cats
 The Los Gatos Cats are a landmark just south of the town of Los Gatos. I have a devil of a time with this subject as the the cats are bright gloss white and the forest behind the cats is deep, dark jungle green. I can not get an exposure / composition that will work. I tried sun, shade, early, late, rain, clear.

Los Gatos Oak Meadow's Fire Truck
Here is the fire truck that is a play structure in Oak Meadow / Vasona Park in Los Gatos. It is a popular playground attraction in the park and I have been practicing shooting it.

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